Angelpaw Launches Out of Stealth, Built to bring Pet Cremation into the 21st Century

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Dec 18, 2018) – Angelpaw (, the only provider of next generation pet cremation and pet aquamation technology, today announced its official launch. Angelpaw is built to bring the pet cremation industry into the 21st century.

Today, Pet Owners have more visibility into a book they buy on Amazon then they do in the final journey of their beloved pets, Angelpaw is built to solve this!

Angelpaw is the pet cremation industry’s first and only cloud-built, real-time Crematorium-Veterinarian tracking and Pet Owner messaging platform. Built from the ground up to handle everything including, Crematorium real-time pet tracking system, Veterinarian pet tracking and robust billing portal, Deliver driver route and scheduling mobile App, Pet owner text and email notification platform and Pet owner automated social media celebration video creator – all within a cloud infrastructure. Pet crematoriums now have a complete service for themselves, their Vet clients and their pet owners through a single, secure and trusted partner.

Angelpaw has been under the radar building their platform for the last year while steadily building buzz and signing clients. Founded by serial entrepreneur James Byler and a dedicated team of technologists, veterinarians and crematorium experts, Angelpaw looks to shake up the stodgy slow-moving pet cremation and aquamation industry’s by providing innovative, next generation pet cremation solutions from the cloud.

“We’ve been absolutely over-whelmed with the positive response. There is huge pent-up demand from both Crematoriums and Vets for a cloud-built, real-time Crematorium-Veterinarian-Driver-Pet Owner tracking and messaging platform” says Byler.

“We see no other solutions in the market today. Every year, hundreds of thousands of pets are cremated using archaic and non-existent systems. The vast majority of pets cremated are tracked using paper ledgers and paper receipts with massive opportunities for mistakes and mishandling. Additionally, pet owners have zero visibility into the status of their pet’s cremation. Pet owners wait days and weeks with no updates and are only notified when their Vet calls to schedule a remains pick-up. The current process is not deserving of our beloved pet’s final journey”.

“At Angelpaw, we believe the best way to honor pet’s and uphold the trust given by the pet owners is to guarantee no errors and provide full transparency. We achieve this through cutting edge technology, industrial strength tracking systems and text and email messaging systems. Every pet is fully tracked and visible through every step of the cremation processes, text’s and emails are sent to the pet owner as each step is completed, giving real-time updates and 100% visibility. Crematoriums, Vets, Drivers and Pet Owners all have real-time access to all data and status – Angelpaw provides full transparency and 100% accuracy via all channels in a simple and cost-effective solution”.

About Angelpaw  

ANGELPAW ( is built to bring Pet Cremation into the 21st Century. Angelpaw is the pet cremation industry’s first and only cloud-built, real-time Crematorium-Veterinarian-Driver-Pet Owner tracking and messaging platform. We offer solutions differently. We’re Secure, Flexible and Driven all within the Cloud. Our passion for pet’s and technology is unrivaled – it shows in our services.

Contact: Angelpaw Press 

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