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of Pet Aftercare

State-of-the-art Pet Cremation Tracking Software empowering Pet Crematoriums,
Pet Aquamation, Veterinarians, and Pet Parents


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Healthcare Business Review Top Veterinary Solution Provider 2022

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Angelpaw is built to lead the next generation of pet end of life industry via innovative, data driven, open access technologies to ensure reliability, security, compassion, and transparency to all within the ecosystem. Angelpaw has grown into the largest pet cremation & pet aquamation tracking company in the world. With over 10,000 vet partners and tracking over 100,000 pets per month!

First to Fully Digitize
Pet Aftercare

Angelpaw is the global leader in pet aftercare RFID tracking and SaaS inventory management platform that empowers pet crematoriums, veterinarians and pet parents. The world’s only pet cremation tracking platform to fully digitize the entire pet cremation & aquamation lifecycles to increase operational efficiencies and accuracy, reduce errors and processing times, and provide full transparency to all within the ecosystem. Our pet cremation tracking software is the ideal and comprehensive solution for your cremation tracking needs. Vets no longer have any paper, all data is imported into Angelpaw and scanned on a UHF RFID waterproof plastic tag that instantly digitally stored all data.

Angelpaw fully digitize Pet Aftercare
Angelpaw is completely driven by data

Completely Driven by Data

Crematories automate data collection drastically reducing human effort and errors. Our pet cremation tracking platform fully tracks and makes visible pets through every step of the cremation process, confirming full chain of custody, alleviating need for paper, and digitizing the entire workflow for crematories, vets and pet parents while providing full transparency to all within the ecosystem. Everyone within the ecosystem has access to full reporting, business intelligence, and analytics through our pet cremation tracking software.

Worlds only Vet
PIMS Integrations

Full integration into 94% of all Practice Information Management Systems (PIMS) alleviating the need for vets double data entry, drastically reducing errors and processing times.

Angelpaw has Vet PIMS Integrations

Game Changing
Pet Parent Functionality

Pet parents have full visibility, transparency, and peace of mind of their beloved pet’s final journey, via our pet cremation tracking web portal, mobile iOS/Android app’s, text message and emails. Our mobile apps and portal offer pet tracking, grief support videos and video conferencing with certified pet loss counselors, celebration video creator to share memories with family and friends on social media and more.

Unparalleled Vet Data
and Audit Capabilities

Veterinarians have full access to all data via reporting and BI tools for individual or multi-location (single location, regional, national or global). Audit capabilities for vets to have peace of mind with features that combine digital audit (transactional audit, workflow audit), image audit (Station photos, station screenshots), pet parent experience score and NPS audit, and physical onsite audits.

Angelpaw has Audit capabilities


Angelpaw is for pet parents

For Pet Parents

Pet parents have full visibility and peace of mind of their beloved pet’s final journey, via pet cremation tracking web portal and iOS/Android mobile apps/SMS/email to track their pet journey real-time, order details, grief support, social media celebration videos.

Angelpaw is for vets

For Veterinarians

Vets no longer are required to print or write on paper tags. Data is scanned onto RFID waterproof tags. Full reporting, analytics and BI tools for multi-locations. PIMS integrations, Direct messaging and video between Vets and Crematories and full transactional audit.

Angelpaw is for care centers

For Crematories/Aquamation

Crematories automate data collection, chain of custody and full real-time pet tracking drastically reducing human effort and errors. Fleet management, dynamic routing, full invoicing direct or through QuickBooks or NetSuite.


Angelpaw is integrated

Integration across the board

Full integrations to all major PIMS (Practice Information Management Systems)

Angelpaw RFID technology

Keeping tabs on the process

Crematorium real-time RFID pet cremation tracking system

Angelpaw tracking

Bill and track in one location

Veterinarian pet tracking and billing portal

Angelpaw is mobile friendly

On the move

Deliver driver mobile App

Angelpaw has a powerful pet parent portal

Follow every step

Pet parents portal and text/email notification platform

Angelpaw is integrated with social medias

Celebrate your beloved pets

Pet parents automated social media celebration video creator