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Angelpaw is the global leader in pet aftercare RFID tracking and SaaS inventory management platform that empowers pet crematoriums, veterinarians and pet parents. The world’s only platform to fully digitize the entire pet cremation lifecycle to increase operational efficiencies and accuracy, reduce errors and processing times, and provide full transparency to all within the ecosystem.

The Angelpaw RFID platform integrates the latest RFID technology to most efficiently manage pet crematorium operations and veterinarian office order capture, tracking and reporting, all while providing full transparency to pet parents. Angelpaw uses Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID to read and write data digitally onto tags. Fixed overhead antennas, proximity and mobile handheld scanners track pets real-time through the entire cremation processes at the crematory, veterinarian office and deliver vans.

Veterinarians no longer are required to do double data entry, print out tags or write on paper tags. Veterinaries simply pull pet and pet parent data directly from the Practice Information Management System (PIMS), scan an Angelpaw RFID plastic tag, the pet and pet parent data is instantly captured within the Angelpaw system and digitally stored onto the RFID tag, drastically reducing errors and processing time.

Crematoriums automate data collection drastically reducing human effort and errors. Fixed overhead antennas, proximity and mobile handheld scanners detect and read tags not in line-of-sight, over 150 feet away, and within groups of tags simultaneously. Loading dock antennas automatically pre-check groups of pets within vans as they enter facilities. RFID tags within range are automatically updated with change order requests.

Pre-established station handhelds and proximity scanners, scan pets into and out of stations once services are performed with time and user stamps, offering huge operational efficiencies.

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